Ft. Lauderdale Chiropractor Can Help You Heal

Sunshine Chiropractic in Ft. Lauderdale offers a variety of services to help many maladies

Posted: June 9, 2015
By: Dr Beth Cooper

Chiropractors no longer just adjust spines and treat whiplash.  There are many areas where chiropractic services can relieve sources of your pain or discomfort and help you to feel better.  Some, but certainly not all, of these conditions are listed below:

  1. Bursitis is the inflammation of the fluid-filled sac (bursa) that lies between a tendon and skin, or between a tendon and bone.  Common symptoms include joint pain, joint tenderness, swelling, warmth over the affected joint, and limited range of motion.
  2. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the compression of the median nerve at the wrist, which may result in numbness, tingling, weakness, or muscle atrophy in the hand and fingers.  Common symptoms include weakness in one or both hands, numbness or tingling of the palm of the hand, wrist or hand pain in one or both hands, pain extending to the elbow, impaired fine finger movements in one or both hands, coordination issues, weak grip, difficulty carrying items with hand grips, atrophy of the muscular bulge under the thumb, and numbness or tingling in the thumb and next two or three fingers of one or both hands.
  3. Fibromyalgia is a common condition characterized by widespread pain in joints, muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues.  Common symptoms include multiple tender areas, sleep disturbances, reduced exercise, fatigue, body aches, and chronic muscle pain.
  4. Osteoporosis is the thinning of bone tissue and loss of bone density over time.   Common symptoms for osteoporosis include low back pain, neck pain, bone pain, bone tenderness, loss of height over time, and stooped posture.
  5. Pregnancy.  Although the changes women experience from pregnancy are natural, a little extra help is sometimes needed to cope with the dramatic changes in their bodies.  It’s especially important during pregnancy that nerve impulses flow from the brain to all parts of the body. A slightly out-of-place vertebra can create nerve irritation that snarls the body’s communication system. 
  6. Tension headaches are a condition involving pain or discomfort in the head, scalp, or neck, usually associated with muscle tightness in these areas.  Common symptoms of tension headaches include dull pain, pressure-like generalized pain, worse pain in the scalp, temples, or back of the neck, feels like a tight band or vise on the head, occurs as an isolated incident, occurs constantly, occurs daily, worsened or triggered by stress, fatigue, noise, or glares, causing sleep disturbances, and it can be one sided.

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Our mission is to adjust, to educate the world about the healing process, to restore benefits of chiropractic, and to remove nerve interference in the body.  Dr. Beth Cooper is a 1993 graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  She is a 1998 graduate of Life University in Marietta Georgia. Her chiropractic techniques include: full spine/hands on adjusting, Activator Methods adjusting, and Webster technique.

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